Vape Culture: How To Ask For "A Hit," And Other Tips

When you smoke, you are likely to ask someone if you can get a light, or if you can "bum" a cigarette off of someone. With vaping, you cannot exactly ask these things because vaping does not work the same way. In fact, you will have to learn a whole new set of cultural rules to follow. Here are some vaping culture tips on how to ask for whatever you want or need:  [Read More]

How A Detox Drink Can Help You

If you have recently found yourself rather interested in a detoxify drink, but are unsure how beneficial it would be for you, you will want to keep reading. The more you know about the various benefits that can come from detoxing your body, the sooner you will want to get started. Cleanses Your Body Of Toxins There are many types of toxins that can build up in our bodies. Some will come from the foods and drinks that we consume. [Read More]

How Thanksgiving Is One Of Those Occasions You Celebrate With A Fine Cigar

When you purchase a cigar, you are buying time to relax. It takes from 30 minutes to two hours to smoke a cigar depending on the size. Thanksgiving is one of those holidays that you want to relax, have fun with family and enjoy good food. However, there are certain occasions that should be celebrated with a cigar. Read on to find out how Thanksgiving is one of those occasions: [Read More]

How To Become An E-Vape Mad Scientist!

Vaping, or e-smoking with electronic cigarettes, is not just for those who are trying to avoid lighting up a cigarette in public. Now, you have long-time non-smokers trying different vaping options. In fact, DIY kits are available for people to make their own vaping juice or e-liquid. It is quite a laboratory process. You can also make a lot of money doing it. Here is more information on how you can become an e-vape mad scientist and make some good money. [Read More]