Vape Culture: How To Ask For "A Hit," And Other Tips

When you smoke, you are likely to ask someone if you can get a light, or if you can "bum" a cigarette off of someone. With vaping, you cannot exactly ask these things because vaping does not work the same way. In fact, you will have to learn a whole new set of cultural rules to follow. Here are some vaping culture tips on how to ask for whatever you want or need: 

Borrowing Vape Cartridges or Juice

The cartridges are not cheap. If you need or want a cartridge, you will have to find out if there is something you can trade with the other vaper to get a cartridge. Vape juice is a little easier to ask for; if the other vaper has a full bottle, he or she might be willing to spare a bit. If he or she has less than half a bottle, you may have to make a trade. Usually offering a recharge of the e-cig or a couple of dollars is considered enough in these situations. If the other person says "no" on all counts, find another way to get a little vape juice or a cartridge.

Sharing E-Cigs

Sharing e-cigs is about the same as sharing regular cigs. Most people you are close to are willing to allow you to take a puff or two. People you do not know may be reluctant to share, or they may just let you finish off an e-cig if it is almost empty or low on power. If you share your own e-cigs, be sure to wipe down the barrel with an alcohol wipe after sharing so that you are not passing any oral germs around.

Getting a Recharge

E-cigs have to be regularly recharged. If your e-cig runs out of power, another vaper may have a charger you can borrow temporarily. You may want to offer something in trade as an incentive and/or just to be nice. This usually only works if the two of you share a work space or are neighbors in the same apartment complex. It is not a good idea to ask another vaper on the street if you can borrow their charging cord for a recharge, even if you see that he/she has a vape starter kit and extra chargers.

Carrying Around Your Starter Kit

If you buy a starter kit for vaping, either as your first kit or as a refill kit, you may want to buy a carrying pouch, too. The pouch will allow you to carry everything you need in one spot on your person. Then, when someone else asks to borrow some vape item, you can appear really sophisticated when you take the vape pouch out of your pocket.

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