How To Become An E-Vape Mad Scientist!

Vaping, or e-smoking with electronic cigarettes, is not just for those who are trying to avoid lighting up a cigarette in public. Now, you have long-time non-smokers trying different vaping options. In fact, DIY kits are available for people to make their own vaping juice or e-liquid. It is quite a laboratory process. You can also make a lot of money doing it. Here is more information on how you can become an e-vape mad scientist and make some good money.

Order DIY E-Liquid Gear

Find an online company and order DIY e-liquid gear. There are even some companies dedicated to the DIY e-juice subset that sell bottles, test tubes, gloves, flavoring bottles, and syringes. If you really want to crank out the e-juice, these companies sell gallon-size blank jugs to produce a ton of the most popular flavor. You have to keep up the supply with the public demand, so you will eventually need some of the gallon jugs too.

Set up Shop

Your lab/shop needs to be somewhere quiet and organized. A garage, a basement work space, etc., are all good ideas. If you have access to an actual lab, that is even better, although you may have to get permission from the lab's proprietor to produce e-juice on your own time.

Next, bring in your beakers, test tubes, syringes, flavorings, bottles, and flavorless e-juice, all of which you can buy online. Know how this process is conducted in a step-by-step manner, and set up your work table like an assembly line. That way, you can start at one end of the table and work your way to the opposite end to produce just one flavor of e-juice and not get things mixed up. Be sure to label everything before you start in case your work is interrupted.

Provide Single Samples and Sales Fliers to Vapers

You likely cannot promote their creations if they do not introduce them properly. Create single dose bottles of e-juice and design sales fliers. Take them to local vape shops or just tour around the bars on a Friday or Saturday night. Hand out the flyers and free samples to anyone you see vaping. Sooner or later, you will get a few bites and start making sales. In the meantime, keep working in your lab to produce quality, flavored e-juice that everyone will want to try. With some good word of mouth and a good product, you can be successful.